Items To Remember

Items to Remember Walter Jay1. You do not have to go around getting estimates. Most likely your insurance company will write their own estimate and any shop you choose will have to start off of that preliminary estimate.2. You can go to any shop of your choosing. You are not required to go to any shop that is on the insurance company’s “list” or in their “preferred” network. Most shops work with all insurance companies. The work on your car will not be of any less quality if you choose your own shop. Many insurance company “preferred” shops have this title because they are willing to give concessions to the insurance companies and even “cut corners” when necessary.

3. Any shop or insurance company can give you a lower estimate by leaving off specific repairs or parts that your vehicle needs. These items are usually added once the vehicle is in the shop and the work is started.

4. The original estimate that you get from your insurance company, or any bodyshop, is only a starting point. Many times, because of the way vehicles are built, it is not possible to see all of the damage until it is torn down and the outer panels are removed. A damaged vehicle can have 2 or 3 supplements before it is complete.

5. Any misalignment of body panels almost always dictates the measurement of the frame. We have the latest frame measuring equipment available with computerized read-outs.

6. Any time a tire or wheel is impacted a wheel alignment is required. We have the latest four wheel alignment equipment available.

7. With millions of colors and color variations available, we have the latest Axalta (formerly known as DuPont) technology which, along with a specialized camera system to take precise pictures of your paint, allows us to make formulas for exact color matching.

Towing Service

Been involved in an accident? Our wrecker service is here for you. Contact us for complete details about payment and availability.Let us help you get you back on the road and back to life.